Orientation-cum-Founder’s Day Challenge

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Coined ‘OGDSFD’ by the AHMs, this acronym stands for the ‘Orientation Games, Dedication Service and Founder’s Day’ event and celebrations organized by the staff and AHMs in Oldham Hall. This year, our annual Orientation Games was held on Saturday, the 27th of February. Decked out in 2016’s turquoise-coloured T-shirts, boarders, staff, AHMs and alumni attended the event with much gusto. A MRT theme was used this year with the various lines serving as the different House colours: Blue (Downtown Line), Grey (LRT), Purple (North-east Line), Red (North-south Line), Green (East-west Line) and Yellow (Circle Line). The members of the different Houses were identified by pieces of cloths and coloured face paint according to their House colour.

The weekend of games and celebrations actually took months of planning. In the weeks leading up to the games, the AHMs responsible for organizing this event had put their minds together and come up with the various bespoke games and activities. There were trial runs to ensure the smooth running of the various games and many briefings for the AHMs and boarders. All in, it was well worth the effort and hard work.

After an early lunch at 11am, members of the different Houses started gathering in the Dining Hall to put on their House identities and practise their cheering before heading towards the Sports Hall to start the day’s activities with a customary group photo-taking session. There were snack breaks in between the games and a sumptuous dinner after. The boarders, AHMs, staff, befrienders, alumni and OHMC members then made their way to the BRMC Sanctuary for the Dedication Service. The service was simple yet meaningful for all the attendees. Supper was prepared after the Dedication Service at the Dining Hall for all to enjoy. The night ended with boarders and AHMs dancing on the makeshift dance floor underneath the skylight in the Dining Hall.

A special Founder’s Day talk delivered by Reverend Norman Wong during Sunday Assembly marked the end of this fortnight-long celebration.

While everyone had fun and enjoyed the games and festivities, let us not forget the teams of people who spent hours on planning the frontline events, behind-the-scenes people who prepared the F&B fuelling us for the day, and definitely our dear boarders who participated with much vigour and passion.

Here’s a big THANK YOU to everyone!

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