About Us

ACS Oldham Hall is the longest-established Boarding School in Singapore and a ‘Home Away From Home’ to more than 300 foreign and international students studying in local and international schools. We pride ourselves in being a Premier Boarding provider that parents, schools and MOE trust for the well-being of their children and students.

We provide a safe and secure boarding environment for our boarders and one that is conducive for studying. We believe in the holistic development of our boarders, whom we seek to develop to their fullest potential. ACS Oldham Hall imparts Christian values through character-building that will enable boarders to develop to become mature caring individuals that contribute to society.

ACS Oldham Hall is proud of our committed and quality boarding staff who are selected because of their passion to work with young people. They provide loving but yet firm pastoral care to boarders and organize the many activities and events that are unique to ACS Oldham Hall so that boarders can interact with one another and appreciate each other’s culture.

ACS Oldham Hall prepares young people for life, through living in a diverse community and learning to be gracious towards one another. Our boarders learn to be responsible and to be considerate to one another. We are proud to have a family atmosphere in ACS Oldham Hall that supports the well-being and growth of our boarders as well-rounded individuals.


William Fitzjames Oldham came to Singapore on 6 February 1885 as a young missionary to establish a Methodist Mission. As a gifted teacher, he immediately saw the need for a young society to be educated and determined to set up a Methodist school instead. By 1886, enough funds had been raised and on 1st March

Our Team

Headed by a Management Committee of 9 members, our Office administrative staff and a team of around 20 Residential boarding staff provide the necessary supervision and support to ensure the welfare and personal needs of our boarders are attended to. With a staff to boarder ratio of 1: 12, our Assistant House Masters and Mistresses

Our Boarders

ACS Oldham Hall accepts male and female students who are studying in local, private and international schools in Singapore, between 13 and 18 years old. Our boarders enjoy an international community of friends in our nurturing family atmosphere. They hail from various countries such


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