At ACS Oldham Hall, our boarders learn to have a disciplined lifestyle which will do them well to become responsible students. We strongly encourage our boarders to balance their time for studies and recreation. ACS Oldham Hall also organises a wide range of Hall activities that will enrich the lives and boarding experience of our boarders and develop them to their fullest potential.

Care Structure

ACS Oldham Hall offers a family atmosphere that is safe, secure and caring with an international community of friends.


ACS Oldham Hall has a vibrant and interesting student life. Besides our main events – Orientation Games, Founder’s Day Challenge, Celebration of Cultures and Thanksgiving Dinner, there are other fun-filled activities throughout the year.

Clubs/Interest Groups

ACS Oldham Hall believes that true learning goes beyond academic pursuits and offers boarders many opportunities to develop their physical, social and spiritual attributes.


Don’t take it from us… Hear it from our boarders, their parents and schools.


We would love to show you around. Tell us when is your preferred timing and we will get in touch with you.

Boarding Life
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