Care Structure

Besides providing a safe and secure environment, ACS Oldham Hall strongly believes in the development of the individual as a whole person – physical, emotional, intellectual as well as spiritual. ACS Oldham Hall offers a family atmosphere that is caring with an international community of friends.

Meal Time

Meals are freshly prepared, cooked and served in our Dining Hall by our in-house caterer. Boarders usually have Breakfast (6am-8am) & Dinner (6pm-7.30pm) on weekdays as they take their lunch in schools. Lunch (12pm-2pm) is served every Saturday, Sunday, School Holiday and Public Holiday.

Study Time

From Mondays – Thursdays, there is compulsory Study Time from 7.30pm- 9.30pm where boarders will use the Study Room.

Roll Call/Lights Out

After Study Time, boarders gather at 9.30pm for Roll Call where the residential Assistant House Master/Mistress (AHM) for the Cluster/Floor will take attendance to ensure that all have returned safely and any unwell boarder(s) will be noted. Sometimes, there are mini birthday celebrations during this time. Lights Out will be at 11pm.

Pastoral Care

To facilitate the holistic development of boarders into mature and caring young people who can contribute meaningfully to the local and international community, we provide a secure and supportive environment to affirm all boarders as valued persons with potential in the eyes of God and care for their well-being in order to support their growth as well-rounded individuals.


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Boarding Life
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