Rates & Admission

Welcome to ACS Oldham Hall!
We hope you already have an idea of what life is like in ACS Oldham Hall through the other pages on our website.

While we are positive about the benefits of boarding, we understand not every student is suited for boarding life.
If you are keen to board at ACS Oldham Hall, please write to our Marketing Manager, Ms Jasmine Goh (jasmine.goh@oldhamhall.org) who will assist you with the application process.
To visit ACS Oldham Hall, please email or call us to arrange for an appointment.


An applicant to ACS Oldham Hall must be

  • Between 12-18 years of age, but not studying in a tertiary institution or higher
  • A registered student at recognised education institutions in Singapore and hold a valid student pass


We require the following items for application:

  1. A completed Application Form
  2. A letter of acceptance from the school (if newly-accepted into the school)
  3. Latest academic transcript and discipline record
  4. Photocopy of passport
  5. Application fee (non-refundable and to be submitted with application form)

Do contact us at enquiries@oldhamhall.org or call us at +65 6252 8513 should you have any queries.

Only the original copy of the application form duly completed and submitted with a recent photo and paid application fee will be processed.
All applicants are required to attend an interview as one of the criteria for acceptance into ACS Oldham Hall.

Fee Structure (July 2021 onwards)

Note: These rates are applicable for July 2021 onwards only. The fees in 2022 may differ.

One-Time Payment

Application Fee S$120
Miscellaneous and Registration Fee S$350
Deposit (Refundable) S$2,200


Item School Term
Daily Rate
School Holiday
Daily Rate
Boarding Fee* 6 or 4-Bedded Room $50 $58
4-Bedded Premium Room $53 $61
3-Bedded Room $53 $61
2-Bedded Room $56 $64
School Holidays (June and November – December) Billed on daily basis
Bus Fare** varies by school
Hospitalization & Surgical Insurance*** $250 per annum

Notes :

* Boarding Fee covers lodging, laundry service and meals charged for each school’s semester. It includes the mid-semester breaks (e.g. March/September for local schools) but not the long school holidays (e.g. June/December)
** Applicable to selected schools only
*** Applicable to selected schools only


Application Fee A non-refundable application fee is payable upon submission of application form.
Registration Fee A non-refundable registration fee is payable once the child has been offered a place in ACS Oldham Hall.
Deposit The deposit is refundable only when the boarder gives one month’s notice in writing and complies with the year-long boarding commitment. Full settlement of boarding fee for the entire semester is to be paid. Any outstanding payment due to ACS Oldham Hall will be deducted from the deposit.
Hospitalisation & Surgical Insurance An annual personal hospitalization and surgical insurance scheme is optional for Singaporeans. This coverage will cease upon the withdrawal of the boarder.
Payment Accounts Fees are payable in advance and must be paid within 14 days of receipt of invoice. A penalty will be charged at 2% per month for late payment. The management may refuse permission of stay if fees for any preceding semester have not been paid.


Deposit will not be refunded to boarder who withdraws without giving sufficient notice. 
Any remaining boarding fee for the period after the withdrawal date will not be refunded.


We would love to show you around. Tell us when is your preferred timing and we will get in touch with you.

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