Our Team

Under the oversight of a 9-member-strong Management Committee, our team of 10 office administrative staff and 25 residential boarding staff (Assistant House Masters/Mistresses or “AHMs”) provide the necessary supervision and support to ensure the welfare and personal needs of our boarders are attended to.

With a staff to boarder ratio of 1: 12, our AHMs ensure all boarders are safe and accounted for every day, in addition to attending to pastoral, administrative, housekeeping and disciplinary matters.

Mr Hugh Yii

Ms Charmaine Wong-Han
Vice Chairman

Rev Dr Chiu Ming Li

Dr Miriam Tao

Mr Loo Ming Yaw

Mr Manfred Seah

Mr Mark Tan

Mr Tang Kee Fei

Ms Karen Quek

Rev Dr Chiu Ming Li
Pastor-In-Charge, BRMC
Chaplain, ACS Oldham Hall

Ling Shan Shan
Pastoral Team Staff

Kevin Ngan
Pastoral Team Staff

Mr David Ang
Executive Director

Mrs Ling-Saw Wei Ying
House Mistress

Mr Roland Choo
Operations & Facilities

Ms Jasmine Goh
Admin & Marketing

Mr Kenneth Ko
Deputy House Master

Mr Philip Tan
Facilities Senior Executive

Ms Serene Yeoh
Admin and Boarder Services Executive

Ms Annie Lau
Finance Executive

Ms Mary Mok
Boarding Executive

Mr Josiah Lau
IT and MarComs Senior Executive

3rd Floor AHMs

Mr John Tay
Cluster A1

Mr Darren Chow
Cluster A2

Mr Gan Chai
Cluster B1

Mr Amos Pang
Cluster B2

Mr Kam Leong Heng

4th Floor AHMs

Mr Matthew Long Jiwei
Cluster A1

Mr Victor Yoong
Cluster A2

Mr Pham Bao Trung
Cluster B1

Mr Jonathan Gan
Cluster B2

Mr Kevin Ngan

5th Floor AHMs

Ms Ann Lim
Cluster A1

Ms Nguyen Vu Ngoc Anh
Cluster A2

Ms Geraldine Foo
Cluster B1

Ms Eunice Goh
Cluster B2

Ms Ling Shan Shan

6th Floor AHMs

Ms Ma Ziyao
Cluster A1

Ms Cindy Wira Kusuma
Cluster A2

Ms Tie Mee Ting
Cluster B1

Ms Nie Xinyao
Cluster B2

Ms Chng Siew Geok

Pastoral Project Staff

Mr Josiah Lau

Mr Ling Chih Kang

Ms Felika Stephanie

Ms Sharon Goh

Ms Wennie Winawaty


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