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Bemoaning the lack of a good place to celebrate a birthday party with friends?
To sit and chill with a steaming cuppa in the cool hours of morning?
To have pleasant chat with bosom buddies?

All that shall end as ACS Oldham Hall presents THE COSY CORNER!

How much should I pay, I hear you say?
This splendid place comes at a cost, of course – the countless hours put in by our very own Mr Leong Heng and Ms Sharon, both the brain and the brawn behind this new chill-out location.

Well-equipped with soft cushions*, it promises every form of comfort whether you are battling your friend’s space fleet or laughing together at some silly antics onscreen.
Tucked away in one corner are our all-time favourite beanbags, while in another corner lurks none other but The Guitar Seat™. Free music for everyone!**

So what are you waiting for? Come on down and enjoy this absolutely wonderful addition to our Hall!
Bring a friend! Bring two! Bring EVERYBAAARDYYYY (hm ok, maybe not)

*Cushions included, pillowfights at additional cost.
**Tip at your own discretion.

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