Professional Training for MMC

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Members of the Multimedia Club were given a Basic Photography & Videography Training by 2 professionals on 28 Feb 2015. The purpose of the training is to equip members with some basic skills as they prepare to shoot photos and videos for our upcoming Founder’s Day Challenge event.

Some 27 boarders attended the training. Despite the time constraint that did not allow for more hands-on training, the boarders were delighted with their newfound skills:

“The trainers are friendly & funny…”

“It is useful and I learn some actual things about photography”

“The training is very useful… I not only learn the theory but also get a chance to practise”

“The uncles have taught us very well… Hope to see them again to learn more about photography & videography”

“Today is a great experience and I’ve learnt a lot of new things about photography & videography”

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