1) Private Boarder

Prior to check-in at ACS Oldham Hall, the private boarder is to settle full payment for the following items: -Semester fee (eg. Semester 1: 3 January to 26 May 2017; Semester 2: 27 June to 17 November 2017) -Registration fee -Access card -Deposit -Application fee -Insurance (optional for Singaporean or PR).
No refund of payment will be allowed once full payment has been made. The deposit will be refunded to the boarder upon full compliance of the terms and conditions stated by ACS Oldham Hall. Mode of payment can either be through Telegraphic Transfer (preferred), Cash or Crossed Cheque made payable to ACS Oldham Hall. For a list of the boarding fees, please go to the Rates & Application Forms tab.

2) MOE Scholar

Upon check-in at ACS Oldham Hall, the MOE Scholar is to settle full payment of all applicable fees within 7 working days of his/her stay.

1) Private Boarder

Your boarding fee is inclusive of the air-conditioning supply which is turned on from 7.30pm to 5.30am daily.

2) MOE Scholar

As the boarder’s room is equipped with air-conditioning supply from 7.30pm to 5.30am daily, the MOE Scholar is to pay an annual fee of S$200 which is charged at the rate of S$20 per month from January to October through GIRO deduction.

1) Private Boarders

The ‘Notice of Withdrawal’ form at the office counter has to be filled up and submitted to the Finance Department with one month’s written notice given by the parents or guardian. Refund of deposit will be returned to the boarder within one month after check-out date from ACS Oldham Hall. Refund of deposit will be made in local currency by cheque or Telegraphic Transfer. The one month’s notice means that it has already been paid in full regardless of whether the boarder is occupying the bed physically. For instance if the boarder has paid for one semester’s fee (3 Jan to 26 May 2017) and served one month’s written notice on 26 Apr 2017, his last day shall be 26 May 2017. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions will result in the deposit being forfeited or partially refunded only.

2) MOE Scholars

The ‘Notice of Withdrawal’ form at the office counter has to be filled up and submitted to the Finance Department with approved letter from Ministry of Education (MOE) giving at least one week notice. All refund of deposit will be given in cash.

There will be a penalty of 2% charged per month for late payment.

There are 4 types of boarder’s room in ACS Oldham Hall: 2-bedded, 3-bedded, 4-bedded and 6-bedded, subject to the availability and allocation by the House Mistress/Deputy House Mistress.

ACS Oldham Hall conducts a spring cleaning for the entire hall during the mid-year and year-end school holidays. This is necessary so dust and dirt accumulated in boarders’ rooms, especially hard-to-reach areas, is cleared by the professionals.

The boarder is expected to pack all his belongings prior to his departure from ACS Oldham Hall to his home country during these major school vacations as clearing of their belongings will ensure a thorough and expeditious process done by the cleaners. At the same time, the boarders’ rooms are rented out for holiday camps and retreats during this period and to avoid any loss of valuables, every boarder must clear his room before he is allowed to check-out.

Storage space and standard size cardboard boxes (chargeable) are available for the boarder to pack and store his belongings. Each boarder is entitled to two storage box spaces on a complimentary basis and a rate will be charged for the 3rd storage space onwards. Boarders can sell their used boxes to the office after use.

One luggage is equivalent to two storage spaces.

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