ACS (International) has a very close working relationship with ACS Oldham Hall. We are very pleased with the quality of the pastoral care that Oldham Hall provides our international students. The students thrive in the supportive and structured environment, and this impacts positively on their achievement at our school. We highly recommend Oldham Hall to any prospective parent and student.

Rob Burrough
Principal, ACS International

Life at Oldham Hall is interesting… You can’t get bored. My fellow boarders and the staff are very friendly and I enjoy the friendships forged here. We study hard and have fun at the same time. Besides hall-wide events like Orientation Games or Founder’s Day Challenge where we compete with one another in sports and games, we also have mini gatherings with our floor mates and Assistant House Masters/Mistresses (AHMs).

Brandon Lock
ACS Barker, Singaporean

Your Performance Report (BPR) is very comprehensive and gives detailed description of the child’s learning and life in Oldham Hall… It is very helpful and gives me a good understanding of my child’s overall situation. Thank you very much!

Father of Yu Siming
ACS International, China (Zhejiang)

Oldham Hall is the preferred choice for our students in St Francis Methodist School who wish to experience hostel life. The school and Oldham Hall are in alignment with the Methodist Educational Mission to raise students of godly character and integrity, equipped to make a responsible contribution to society.

Lenie Cho
Principal, St Francis Methodist School

Oldham Hall has always provided us with a warm, friendly environment in which our International students are well cared for.

The Thanksgiving Dinner at Oldham Hall is always a pleasure to experience and we have spent a number of excellent evenings celebrating with the students.

Working with the staff of Oldham Hall is good and we have built up an excellent, professional relationship over the years.

Richard MacLean
Vice Principal (Pastoral), ACS International

The opportunity to live with people of different nationalities – peers and Assistant House Masters/Mistresses (AHMs) was an invaluable experience. Hanging out with friends in the Common Room, gathering to celebrate birthdays, sitting in the Courtyard at night and playing some music, or just simply chatting over dinner were the little things that made my 4 years in Oldham Hall fun and fulfilling.

Danny Christian
ACS International, Indonesian

I was struck by the warmth and sincerity of all members of your community and am glad that some of our Nexus students are boarding with you. I can be certain that they will have an excellent support network from your staff and their families.

Peter Hart
Head of Secondary School, Nexus International School Singapore

Even though it has only been a year, we feel that Brandon has grown to become more matured, responsible and independent. In particular, my wife and I are heartened that his study attitude has improved tremendously. He takes responsibility for his studies and is able to manage his time well.

When he shared with us that he wanted to run for the Students’ Council this year (2014), we supported his decision (despite the fact that he’s taking his O level exams this year) as I think such leadership opportunities are just as important as academic pursuits, if not more. Watching him strategies on getting votes, working his goals and plans for the hall has provided a refreshing perspective that our son has matured!

Mr Lock Wai Han
Father of Brandon Lock

Moving away from home can be difficult for many students. The positive environment at ACS Oldham Hall, a place where study and development is encouraged, and where students can grow personally, as well as in faith, is what I look for when choosing a good accommodation for our students.

Florence Goh
Vice Principal (Administration), St Francis Methodist School

I’m very thankful & grateful for your care and help shown in these formative years of Ge Tao… We can see him growing and progressing well.

Mother of Ge Tao
ACS International, China (Jiangsu)