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    Life of A Boarder in ACS Oldham Hall – The Boarding School

    At ACS Oldham Hall – The Boarding School, our boarders learn to have a disciplined lifestyle which will do them well to become responsible students. Boarders are expected to follow a daily schedule which balances time for studies and recreation. ACS Oldham Hall – The Boarding School organizes a wide range of Hall activities that will enrich the lives and boarding experience of our boarders and develop them to their fullest potential.

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  • " The life I’ve experienced in Oldham Hall has been so versatile and thrilling...
    – Ho Nguyen Thanh Nhi , Sec 4 CHIJ "

  • " I have made so many friends during my 4 years stay in Oldham and that is something I will really miss..
    – Teresa Joyce Sorono, JC2 IJC, CHIJ Alumni "

  • " I admire my seniors for being great leaders in the hall and doing well in school, so I’m inspired to take up the challenge and join SC...
    – Hoang Huong Giang , Sec 4 CHIJ "

  • Inez

    " Being an AHM keeps my workaholic self humane..
    – Inez Cahyani, Assistant House Mistress (AHM) "

  • Shan2

    " Being an AHM make me enjoy my life in Singapore..
    – Ling Shan Shan, Assistant House Mistress (AHM) "

  • Cindy

    " I love working with teenagers and young adults for it keeps me young at heart!..
    – Cindy Chee, Assistant House Mistress (AHM) "

  • parents

    " I am really happy to receive the report..
    – Lies Prijadi, Mother of Chevalie "

  • parent1

    " I would like to express my gratitude to all teachers and guardian who have helped Marvin in his studies and in the learning of everyday life, so that he could finish his study very well..
    – Fanny Oktavianty, Mother of Marvin Gowinatra "