Why Choose ACS Oldham Hall

Excellent Location – Nurturing family atmosphere – Caring & Supportive Residential Staff – Diverse recreational & sports facilities – Vibrant student life


Oldham Hall has a vibrant and interesting student life. Through our various programmes e.g. Founder’s Day Challenge, Thanksgiving Dinner and activities, we support the holistic development of our boarders into mature and caring young people who can contribute meaningfully to the community.

Rates & Admissions

Oldham Hall accepts male and female students who are studying in local, private and international schools in Singapore, between 13 and 18 years old. Click here for a quick link to the information on our rates and admission process.

The benefits of staying in boarding school

  • Enables students to mature as they live independently from their families and learn to live peaceably with fellow boarders from different cultures.
  • Provide opportunity for students to become more proficient in English.
  • Hones the student’s social skill as he / she learns to interact with others.
  • For a safe and secure environment.