A happy update on the renovations!

Tuesday January 23rd, 2018
(Photo credit: Sharon Goh) We are glad to announce that we have completed two floors' of renovations! Look at the happy faces of our boarders as they move into their new rooms! We…
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Christmas Program 2017

Friday December 22nd, 2017
Every time Christmas season rolls around, ACS Oldham Hall celebrates the arrival of our Saviour into the world. The Christmas program is part of this celebration, and is also part of our effort…
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Cosy Corner

Monday December 11th, 2017
Bemoaning the lack of a good place to celebrate a birthday party with friends? To sit and chill with a steaming cuppa in the cool hours of morning? To have pleasant chat with…
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Orientation-cum-Founder’s Day Challenge

Wednesday May 4th, 2016
Coined ‘OGDSFD’ by the AHMs, this acronym stands for the ‘Orientation Games, Dedication Service and Founder’s Day’ event and celebrations organized by the staff and AHMs in Oldham Hall. This year, our annual…
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